Tairilin PET Film Overview

GRANWELL Tairilin PET film

TAIRILIN PET Film Overview

TAIRILIN is a high-performance film made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resin. It is developed and manufactured by Granwell Product’s strategic partner, the Formosa Plastics Group. TAIRILIN is an ideal material for manufacturing a wide variety of products, including: electrical insulation products, metallizing, graphic arts, industrial specialties, magnetic tape, and packaging materials.

Properties and Benefits
TAIRILIN PET film is manufactured using leading-edge technology that yields optimum tensile strength, excellent mechanical characteristics, heat resistance, superior transparency and glossiness, as well as dimensional and chemical stability.

TAIRILIN is available in broad range of thicknesses and treatments. Thicknesses cover 36 to 500 gauge. Film grades are available in a wide range of clarity levels from crystal clear to opaque white and can be supplied with a variety of surface treatments.

The Granwell Products Advantage
Granwell’s strategic partnership with the Formosa Plastics Group of Taiwan provides our customers with access to world-class polyester film technology and manufacturing capabilities, a complete range of TAIRILIN polyester film grades, and the most competitive market pricing available.